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Printed duvet. Nordic fillings of colors and patterns

The originality, the color and, of course, the coat reach the bedroom in the hand of the patterned Nordic fillings . If you think that the white Nordics are boring, we have the Nordic filling of colors to decorate the room with joy.

Alternatives such as a Nordic Carrefour filling or an Ikea Nordic filling are common to find colorful fillings, but to find the most complete offer of fillings, nothing like watching and comparing Nordic fillings online from the tranquility of the home or from anywhere! Without crowds and without stress to find measurements or grammages it is possible to access a very broad virtual catalog with all the signatures.

Buying cheap online dumplings is as easy as accessing Outlet-Textil and browsing our store. Comfort and quality are found in white, green, pink fillings, blue fillings, fuchsias, browns or synthetic and reversible fillings, to have a new look filling just by turning them over ... These are just some proposals, but our catalog is full of ideas to decorate all the rooms.

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  • Lois ed_patchlois ed_patchlois
    + colores disponibles
    desde: 63,72 € Before 74,96 € Saving 11,24 €

    Comfort PATCH Comforter Lois. Design formed by jeans pockets , with the denim style that characterizes the firm Lois . Being reversible you have the possibility to change the environment in a single duvet .

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  • Lois ed_brocha ed_brocha
    + colores disponibles
    desde: 53,45 € Before 62,88 € Saving 9,43 €
    1 review

    Comforter BROOCH Conforter Lois. Duvet print reversible mythical brand Lois, with horizontal lines to strokes of color. Being reversible , you can enjoy two different patterns in the same quilt .

    Reduced price!
  • Unifabrics nor_bicolor nor_bicolor
    + colores disponibles
    desde: 42,37 € Before 56,50 € Saving 14,12 €

    Nordic Landfill BICOLOR . This Nordic filling is made of 100% Polyester fabric formed by thermo-linked hollow fiber and has a touch of peach skin. It has a simple smooth design , is reversible and is available in different combinations .

    Reduced price!
  • Decusso nor_verso nor_verso
    + colores disponibles
    desde: 45,87 €

    Nordic filling VERSO & REVERSO from the firm Decusso . Composed of 400 gr / m² of silicone hollow fiber conjugated fabric 100% microfiber extrasoft . Garment 100% breathable and hypoallergenic . It is a Reversible Nordic with which you can give a touch of class to your bedroom with the simple fact of turning it around.

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